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Canada Pension Plan Owns Shares In U.S. Gun Industry According To Corporate Knights's Report

Canada Pension Plan owns shares in American firearm manufacturers, including the parent company of handgun manufacturer Smith & Wesson, assault rifle maker Ruger and Olin Corp., which produces ammunition for the AR-15, the weapon of choice for many perpetrators of mass shootings.

The holdings are highlighted in a new report coming from Corporate Knights, a Canadian magazine focused on ethical investing. Toby Heaps, publisher of Corporate Knights, said many public pension funds have stopped investing in the gun industry altogether.  

Heaps said Corporate Knights's report on controversial stock holdings will detail the Canadian mutual funds and pension plans that own them, and will appear in the November issue of the magazine.

"Doctors investing in tobacco, dentists investing in Coca-Cola, teachers investing in guns, investment in the climate crisis," Heaps said, rhyming off some of the findings. "I think many people will be surprised at what they're into."

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