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Chinese supermodel and husband set to receive $18.9 million for having casino magnate's grandson

It's all about the money for Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho. The casino tycoon reportedly gave his son and daughter-in-law $18.9 million for having first grandson. Mario Ho and his wife, Chinese supermodel Ming Xi, announced the birth of their baby boy, Ronaldo to the delight of his father. Ronaldo is the first grandson in the huge clan — the 98-year-old Stanley has four wives and 17 children — who will carry the family name.

In order to encourage the Hos to expand their brood, Stanley’s children were promised cash rewards of 100mil yuan ($18.9 million) if they succeed in producing a new family member.

In the social Weibo post by Mario earlier this year, he joked that his mum “wanted a grandson” and if he is “successful”, he will be rewarded with “100mil yuan” as a “thank you gift”. Mario denies having a baby to get more family money.

He married the Chinese supermodel, 30, in July and she gave birth to their son, Ronaldo, in October. Mr Mario Ho, who told reporters after she gave birth that he would reward her, wants to expand his family. "I hope to have at least three more children because I enjoyed growing up with a lot of brothers and sisters, so I want Ronaldo to have that experience too," he said, admitting that his wife may not share his enthusiasm.

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