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Citizenship Policy applies to only some US military members living overseas for now

The Trump administration implemented a rule affecting the children of some US service members and US government employees living abroad.

It does not impact anyone born in the United States.

US citizenship can be acquired a few ways, including being born in the country. Children born abroad can acquire citizenship through their US citizen parents either at birth or before the age of 18. The change is a residency requirement shift and affects U.S. service members or government employees who are green cardholders and have a child while on duty overseas or adopt a child who is not a citizen or are the stepparent of a foreign-born child. The policy takes effect on October 29. While the latest policy guidance doesn't make anyone ineligible for citizenship, it appears to narrow how children abroad can gain citizenship. President Donald Trump has occasionally voiced his support for ending birthright citizenship he was "seriously" considering ending it, though it's unclear how he'd have the legal authority to do so.

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