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Cristiano Ronaldo Hopes Lionel Messi Joins Him For Dinner Soon

Cristiano Ronaldo said he hoped Lionel Messi would join him for dinner one day while the rivals were at a glitzy soccer ceremony at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

Ronaldo and Messi have been inseparable at the highest echelons of their sport for more than a decade, as both have helped their respective teams to domestic and European trophies.

"We shared the stage 15 years, me and him," Ronaldo, sitting next to Messi, said at the UEFA Champions League group-stage draw,

"I don't know if it's ever happened in football, the same two guys, in the same stage, all the time. So … it's not easy. Of course, we have good relationship. We not have dinner together yet, but I hope in the future.
"Of course I miss playing in Spain," he added. "We have that battle. He push me and I push him as well."

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