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Héritier Watanabe's Fiancée Reacts To His Sextape+ Woman In Video To Sue Singer For Humiliation

Congolese singer-songwriter Héritier Watanabe is currently involve in a sex-tape controversy. This sex-tape affair involves the singer and a married woman. Watanabe's Fiancée took to social media to distance herself from the scandal, she wrote on Facebook page:

"I respect myself a lot and I have value, and then I have a child of 16 years old so he understands everything. The Bible says everyone will bear their own load, I always have my dignity and pride ... " , she wrote on her Facebook page

The woman in the controversial video is identified as Naomie Mbando. Mbando and her family plans to file a lawsuit against Watanabe for filming and posting the sexually graphic video of her, which sexually objectified, humiliated and degraded her. The singer has yet to respond to the scandal.

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Nov 18, 2019

This sure is scandalous. Thanks for the juice.

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