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IDIOTIC! : Black French football player was questioned by teammates on why he dates Black women

Updated: May 30, 2023

What in the world is going on in France? Ex-soccer player Lilian Thuram was on a show to promote his book. He spoke with Laurent Ruquier about his book 'La pensée Blanche', in the interview Thuram recounted how his teammates questioned him on why he dated mostly black women when he was rich and famous; saying it's racist. He should have responded by asking them if they think white men who only date white women are racist? That is an ignorant question filled with racist undertone, self-hatred(assuming some of his colleagues were blacks). Those teammates must have been racist against black women as well as do have internalized racism in them for thinking that they see their non Black Wives as an upgrade but they see Thuram as racist for dating within his race?

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