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Sterling K. Brown Covers 'Men's Health', reveals that he auditioned for The Wire

Two-time Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown is on the cover of Men's Health magazine November 2019 edition. The 'This Is Us' star talks about the time lost a coveted role in HBO's The Wire to British heartthrob Idris Elba.

'I remember auditioning for The Wire and being very close to [landing] Stringer Bell,' the St. Louis-born recalled in his Men's Health cover story.
'Idris was dope, and Idris is dope. What's been really cool for me in terms of the usual suspects is that it has been a situation of all love. We were like, "Somebody's gonna get the gig. I hope it's you." You're supportive of each other because you know how hard the grind is.' Sterling added: 'There's so much rejection that you have to be willing to deal with and let it sort of roll off your back. There are people I know who are absolutely brilliant who had to segue into something else in life.'

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