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WATCH|Busola Dakolo Open Up About Being Raped Twice By Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Of COZA At 16.

Busola Dakolo a photographer and wife of popular musician Timi Dakolo, accused Biodun Fatoyinbo, Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion (COZA) of raping her twice as a teenager.

Narrating her ordeal in an exclusive interview with Chude Jidenowo, co-founder of Red Media.

Dakolo said, "This particular time in church, he came to meet me that's Pastor Biodun. And then, he said that I noticed that you are always there by yourself, hope you are good. So I said yes. So he said he was going to come to my house the next day. The next day, he came to my house in the morning. My mom was in the kitchen so I told my mom that my pastor is here. He came in, he created my mom and then I told my mom that my pastor said he is going to buy some things on Taiwo road, that I should just accompany him. My mom was like, Bisola which one is this one now? She said it in Yoruba. I was now like mommy, he's my pastor now, there's nothing. My mom said, ok oo no problem. My mom saw that he lift with me. He was talking, I want to be a spiritual father to you, even though in my world I am always very mindful of people around me..., immediately I was about to put up a guard, he was just able to break it, I just want to be like the father, somebody you can always be able to interact with.
He asked me one time, do you have a boyfriend, I was like nooo, I don't have a boyfriend, I'm a virgin. He was like, that's really good, just keep yourself... It was good, it felt like good advise. I became relaxed... Until a particular day which was a Monday, I remember the previous day was a Sunday service. There was no telephone, no mobile phone. I didn't know and he came to my house. My house then, the gate was opened but the living room is where you just knock the door and someone will come downstairs and open the door. However, my mum had travelled with my younger sister. It was just I and my elder sister at home.  It was at 6:30-7am, it was pretty early. Immediately I just opened the door, he just pushed me.
He didn't utter any word. He just pushed me to one of the chairs in my living room. So I was like what? And he said, 'keep quiet, do what I want and you will be fine'. At this point, a whole lot was going on in my head because he was someone I had put up here and I thought was really really concerned about me. I had already filled him in the place of a father that could speak to me, guide me and he was there about to do something I did not believe.
When I was about to react, he covered my mouth and when he did he said, Busola, listen to me and you will be fine, just do what I want you to do.
"I didn't struggle, I just left him and he brought out his penis. I was wearing a nightgown and pant, he pulled down my pant. He pulled down my pant, he found difficulty to enter I was grunting, I would cry and he eventually penetrated, blood dropped on the floor.
"At that point, he finished what he wanted to do, had an orgasm and he zipped up. He left me there, I just sat on the floor and he went out.
"It looks just like an event but after that whole lot damaged within me. I don't even know how to define it. He entered his car, came back with Crest a soft drink with green content. It was already opened so he just poured it in my mouth and I had to swallow as he did.
"He tapped me and said, you should be happy I'm the one that did this to you.
"He said, 'be happy a man of God did this to you, disvirgined you'. At this point he was already a pastor in Ilorin, his wife had given birth to their first child Shindara and I was in the choir."
He said I'll see you and he left. All I remember was I ran to my mother's and pretended to sleep. It felt like I had lost every single thing. Everything I had hoped for was all gone; my dignity I felt it was gone.

The allegation is coming weeks after her husband Timi Dakolo in a series of posts on Instagram called out the Abuja based pastor for molesting women in the church.

This is the second woman to publicly accuse Fatoyinbo of sexual assault. In 2013, media personality Ese Walter spoke of being seduced by Fatoyinbo.


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